Build human firewalls

Use our Information Security training to raise awareness and create a lasting, measurable change of behavior in your organization.

Information Security Awareness

More than 1200 business and organizations worldwide use Junglemap to strengthen their employees' information security awareness. Over 6 million users have attended our information security training. Our portfolio includes:

Information Security Awareness for all employees

Information Security for Managers and Executives

Phishing Simulation

Privacy/GDPR Awareness

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You will get

  • Ready-made courses
    Use our standardized courses as-is, or easily customize them, to get started quickly regardless of your needs and target groups.
  • Measurable effect
    All results are measurable, from course completion rates to survey and evaluation results, on aggregated and individual level.
  • Awareness - all year round
    Single lessons (training modules) every 2-4 weeks throughout the year raise vigilance and strengthen your security culture.
  • Organizational effect
    By offering the same training in the same subject to all your employees over time, you create collective improvement.
  • Phishing training
    Our phishing simulation templates and functionalities help you reduce risk by improving your employees' ability to detect fake e-mails.
  • Ease of use
    NanoLearning is simple and easy to use for end users and training facilitators alike.

Awareness all year round

Unlike computers, human beings make mistakes. Cyberattackers want to exploit our mistakes to gain illegal access to data, digital devices and networks. Digital attacks have been on the increase for years, and then Covid-19 came along — certainly, information security risk is here to stay, and events in recent years show that attacks can be devastating to any organization.

Continuously ensuring alertness, knowledge and dialog reduces the risk of incidents and having your organization attacked through your people. You can build human firewalls by offering awareness training to all employees.

Phishing training

Junglemap's phishing simulation capabilities improve your employees' ability to identify a phishing attempt and make them more likely to report it.

Download and customize our phishing templates — with or without an added fake login page ("credential harvesting"). When distributing the phishing tests, you can and should use our randomization feature to avoid predictability among users and thus generate more trustworthy data.

Risk reduction at various levels of management

No decision-maker can ignore information security. Ensuring alertness, knowledge and dialog among the people responsible for deciding and implementing security measures may be one of your most valuable risk-reducing initiatives.

Junglemap offers a portfolio of information security surveys and training courses for managers, executives and board members as a supplement to the general awareness training.

Privacy/GDPR awareness

A few years ago, GDPR was introduced. Then came a global pandemic, changing how we work — what is your privacy risk now? Do your processes and systems protect personal data? How about your employees?

Without replenishment of awareness, knowledge and dialogue all year round, privacy risk will constantly increase. Just like with information security, we offer privacy/GDPR awareness training for all employees.

Awareness is not enough - it's time to change behaviors

Research shows that the human factor is one of the most important aspects of an organization's risk profile. What if we together could move one step further, from raising awareness to genuinely creating a lasting change of behavior?