We invented NanoLearning

Since Junglemap invented bite-sized learning in 2006, we have continued to develop our NanoLearning methods based on spaced repetition, spacing effect and retrieval practice.

NanoLearning — repetition, reflection, reinforcement

NanoLearning is based on learning research and principles, such as spaced repetition, spacing effect and retrieval practice, all of which maximize learning and awareness and reduce the effect of the forgetting curve. To truly counteract the forgetting curve and maintain knowledge and awareness over time, we must view and treat learning as a continuous process, not a stand-alone event.

NanoLearning Software as a Service

Our goal is to make it easy to do things right. We develop methods and functionality to constantly improve simplicity and ease-of-use for system owners, training administrators and end users. With NanoLearning SaaS you should be able to set up a distribution with an associated report in 5 minutes — if not, we have to improve. “Keep it simple” and “less is more” is not just something we say but something we do.

Ease of Use

NanoLearning SaaS is cloud-based and scalable, secured and hosted by Microsoft.

Get up and running within hours.

Develop, update or customize content in minutes.

Deliver content proactively to end-users without logins.

Set up distribution and reports in a flash.

Get free support in our “all-inclusive” model.

Smart Solutions

Below are some of the possibilities with NanoLearning.

Responsive, mobile-friendly design for admins and end users.

Fully automated user management with AD integration.

Multilingual options with support for over 30 languages.

Workflows for agency translation or free AI translation.

Advanced report analytics with drilldown and manager reports.

One method. Endless ways to use it.

What are your needs for behavioral change, awareness and risk reduction? At Junglemap, we help businesses and organizations with all kinds of training projects — from digitalization to governance or streamlining of operations. Choose from our standardized training portfolio or ask us to create tailor-made solutions for your needs.