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  • Simplicity and effectiveness.
    We’ve been using JungleMap’s NanoLearning platform for the past four years – running regular awareness training and educational phishing campaigns. The platform enables the use of multiple languages and provides insightful reports on completion. We build and design some of our own content, but we also use lessons provided by JungleMap and they have proved popular. We have received compliments from all parts of our company, praising the content for its simplicity and effectiveness. While easy to use, the few times we’ve encountered problems, the team at JungleMap usually helped us resolve them the same day.
    British multinational speciality chemicals and sustainable tech company with 15 thousand plus employees in over 30 countries around the world.

  • Changed our view on security awareness training.
    Nanolearning has changed the way our employees perceive security awareness training. One year ago, we set out to changes the security culture. Nanolearning played a significant role by delivering small informal and engaging security messages throughout the year. The Nanolearning combined with an active presence on all internal information platforms enabled us to become part of everyday work life. The results are amazing. Instead of fighting to get attention, we are now fighting to find time to deliver customized and targeted awareness training to an organization asking for more. To a Security Awareness Professional, that is a welcome luxury problem.
    Security Awareness & Communications Manager at leading Danish Telecom Company

  • The Model is Superior. The Service is Unmatched.
    JungleMap is a greatly favored vendor for several reasons. Their approach to training is easy for our people to digest. Short, frequent, relevant lessons written in the vernacular, instead of legalese, makes the training effective. The quick, responsive readiness of the JungleMap team to customize our lessons is distinctive. JungleMap has changed the number of lessons, number of tests, content, and reporting for us. They did so quickly and responsively.
    US based Finance company with five thousand plus employees.

  • Good Solution. With A Good Support.
    We have been very happy with the solution. The vendors support department is always very helpful and responsive. They listen to us, and if we suggest something new, they do their best to implement it.
    Danish based Service company with 5 thousand employees in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

  • Smooth implementation.
    96% Of 7200 Users On A Global Basis Are Participating. Excellent concept. A new way of training the organization: A learning process, not an event. Lessons are new and attractive and very short and to the point. No one can argue that they don't have time to complete.
    Manufacturing company with close to ten thousand users in Asia/Pacific,Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America.

  • The courses started great discussions.
    The courses are great, and even if we did not agree completely with some of the lessons they initiated great discussion. (89% of our staff started and completed the Introduction to Digital Security, this has never happened before in company and I personally feel so proud, this is an success! We have loads of policies nobody reads we need to nanofy them asap.
    Scandinavian Retail Consultancy Firm

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